How to display more accurate staves grid ?


I have just upgraded from 8.5.30 and I think there is a difference with the grid in the main window. Grid lines and numbers disappears quickly when I zoom out the window.

I would like to have the grid numbers displayed without being forced to zoom in ?

Any idea ?



I think grid numbering are working as it always was.

I’ve noticed the numbers and lines disappear too when there’s still plenty of space for them to be displayed. Not really sure when/if it’s changed though, but I would like them to sort this out once and for all. Note that if you set snap to ‘Use Quantize’ then you may find you get more grid-lines in the bar.


Ok thanks ‘Use Quantize’ effectively adds lines but still this problem with the numbers on Cubase 9 (plenty of space for nothing) I don’t have on Cubase 8.5. Maybe it’s due to something I have done in the parameters, I don’t know.