How to display screenshots inline?

Hello, a question about displaying screenshots in our topics/threads:
I noticed, very few screenshots show up inline, i.e. without the need of clicking them to open.
Is there a special way to achieve this, when posting?
Or is there a setting I need in my browser (Safari 10.0.2)?

This is explained in the forum help section (sorry I’m unable to provide a link atm)

Thank you fratveno,

I found it in another forum (Forum Issues):

First upload (= attachment) a picture to your post and submit it.
In the Forum Control Panel > Overview > Manage attachments Right click on the attachment in question and select Properties. Copy the URL address (Ctrl C)
Then back in your post, edit with the full editor and click Img then paste the Url.
Your picture will now be visible once you’ve submitted it again.
! Note you can’t then delete the attachment link in this post otherwise the attachment will be gone.

[edit] I managed myself now, see here:

Important: the screenshots will only work inline, if they are up to 700 pixels in width

Just found out, that is actually even easier, no need to visit your user control panel:
Once you have uploaded your picture/attachment, submit your message. Then double click onto the attachment, which will be shown in a separate window. Highlight and copy the address bar (which is the URL of that picture). Then go back, edit your message, click the IMG button and paste the address. Submit, and you are fine.