How to display the notes of two voices separately?

This is an issue with machine translation, please understand.
In the engraving mode, the notes of two voices only provide a movable note frame, which cannot be distinguished. In addition, I tested the option of voice column X-axis offset and it can achieve a similar effect. However, the stems of notes in both upper and lower voices did not move along with it, which looks a bit unsightly.

If I understand your request correctly, you have to put notes in different voices to move them independently using the circular handles.

When I select the small dot, the keyboard shortcuts are disabled. The position of the box can be selected and moved, but this results in moving as a whole.

You should be able to move that dot using Alt (or Opt) with Left/Right Arrow keys.

When the small dot is selected, the keyboard cannot adjust it, but it can be done in the control panel. However, this will cause an offset between the note stems and notes of the upper and lower voices. What I mean is, is there a possibility to align each stem with its corresponding note for both voices?

Oh, I think I’ve got it!
I need to open the index column and then adjust for voice part spacing offset. The whole process can’t be completed with shortcuts, I’m not sure if this is a bug. But I did it, which makes me very happy!