How to distinguish different VST plugins with same name


I’m using Arturia Analog Lab V as instrument plugin.

As the VST3 version has some individual problem with VST Live (the MIDI CC “Learn” function does not work :frowning: ) I would like to switch to the VST2 version.

Adding the VST2 path to the settings works fine and after restart If have two “Analog Lab V” plugins in the plugin monitor => fine.

But the instrument menu only shows “Analog Lab V” one time, and when selecting it, its the wrong one (for me the faulty VST3) version.

How can I switch to the VST2 version without having to uninstall der VST3 version ?


Hi @gerhard.kiessling,

Problems? Can you pick me up? What’s missing? What is working in other plug-ins which is not working with Analog Lab V?

… and it will work with the VST2 version?

… you mean the “Plug-In Information” dialog in VST Live. It should not show the VST2 and the VST3 version of a Plug-In when the manufacture explains the host to use VST3 if it supports both.

Like I explained before. The Plug-In manufacture can suggest the host only to use the VST3 version of both plug-ins.

That would be counterproductive. If you want to go that way, you need to delete vst3 version of your plug-in manually from the VST3 folder.

But let’s find out what is not working with the VST3 version.

Thank you,

… VL looks for “VstPluginMain”, “main”, “MAIN” or “Main”. Which plug-in are you talking of which is not supported with VL?


This is the text I gave to Arturia support :

Subject : assign MIDI controller to knob

I’m using Steinberg VST Live as host. with Arturia Analog Lab V (latest version)
I’ve already read the manual (Chapter follwing)
Lets say I have moved to e.g. Preset “12 Strings 2” out of Jun-6 in Analog LAb V
I try to assing the external Controller 70 to the knob “Brightness” in the Analog Lab V Controls Part :
- I click on the MIDI tab
- I choose MIDI config “Default”
- I click on “Learn” : the brightness knob is shown violet = not yet assigned
- I click on the brightness knob : the line “Control P1 Brightn” is added to the list (“Ch” is “-”, “CC” is “-”)
Now I would like to tell him to use the incoming Controller 70 for that :
- Moving the corresponding slider on my masterkeyboard has no effect (it does not “learn”)
- Entering “Ch” and “CC” manually is not possible, the fields are read only
And :
Yes, I’ve checked if Controller 70 is really coming in (by using a MIDI monitor VST before)

They asked me

  • to check the behaviour with the standalone version : that worked with no problem
  • to check the behaviour mit another host software : that worked (Cakewalk by Bandlab)
  • to check the behaviour with the VST2 version (that caused my question here) : that worked (after renaming the .“VST3” file of Analog Lab to “.VST3_”

Any idea ?
Thanks in advance.

Is there any news about that ?
I’m still not able to use the CC “Learn” function with Arturia VST.



we are working on the problem. Sorry for the delay …