How to do a clean Cubase uninstall, including VST sound?

Hello folks.

I´ve had Cubase installed in this same computer ever since Cubase 6. Every new version I just uninstall the existing one and install the other one.

However, I think there´s a pile of accumulated files and so, for version 10 I want to do a wipe clean uninstall before proceeding with the installation of Cubase 10.

How do I wipe clean everything, including VST sound? Is there a safe way to do it without any unnecessary manual tinkering, or obscure folder digging?

I´m mostly worried about the VST sound folder because it has become very large by now. Over 30 Gb.

On a Windows PC you would just go to the Settings>Apps menu and click on every entry that has “Steinberg” listed and remove it. But, I would not do it unless I was having some specific issue that really required the removal of everything (including templates, user setting, saved configurations and presets). That’s just my opinion though. If you have the time and think it is necessary. Have fun… and good luck. Yikes. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

That sounds like the way to go.

Or format the System disk, reinstall the OS and then install everything fresh if you want that brand new smell

If your computer was new when Cubase 6 was out, you probably deserve something newer.

You are totally right XD