How to do a Filter Sweep/Fade?

Hi everyone,

i just started to make my own electronic tracks recently and i want to realize a filter sweep/fade. Like let the lead come in with a lowpass and then open up for the drop. I have experimented with eq and the cubase filters, but it always sounds terrible. The built in morph filter sounds pretty good to me, but I don´t really get a decent result. Can anybody give me some good advices? Or a tutorial, i did not find one regarding the morph filter.

A Free Plugin would also help, but i don´t want to buy a plugin yet, like Philta, if it is only my incapacity with cubase :wink:

You might want to try adding resonance to your filter.
I’ve had luck with the built-in DualFilter. Set resonance to around 7 and then sweep it from -99.0 to 0.0 using automation.

Download the (free) TAL Filter, and automate the cutoff frequency, having already adjusted the resonance to taste. Done.

Cool thanks, the dual filter does the job really well, just found that out yesterday, thanks though!
I´l try the TAL Filter this evening =)

Check this out:

DJ EQ in Cubase… Use it with automation.


Excellent suggestion for using the Dual Filter, easy and it works!