How to do a Flute tremolo spanning two or more octaves?

Hi folks, I searched the forums and couldn’t find an answer- so I hope I haven’t missed something obvious here.

I’m learning Dorico by inputting a bunch of old handwritten student pieces, back before electricity was invented :wink:
In this score, there is an indication for the flute to do a tremolo between two notes, and then overblow up octaves and back.
The notation seems to make sense, but I couldn’t figure it out in Dorico, Here is the image [see image attached]

I’m really starting to enjoy using Dorico, and there are still a lot of head-scratching moments (due to jurassic Finale brain),
but I’m starting to get this.
Very psyched.

Thanks for your help. I hope this is easy to do.

Yep, the tremolo options are under the “Repeat Structures” icon in Write mode, and are easy to use. If you don’t see them there, make sure to hit Ctrl+9 to expand the right panel.

This page from the documentation should help spell it out for you.

Wow, thank you! I just didn’t SEE it. It didn’t occur to me to look there, at ALL. That is crazy. I mist have snake bites all over… ;-0

I’m still mind blown that I didn’t see that. Its so friggin EASY.