How to do aleatoric repeats inside a bar? [: ad lib. :]

hey everyone, I am new to dorico and I faced a problem that I want to make kind of loop inside a bar ( in my orchestra piece, with violins playing harmonics glissandi repeatedly but rhythmically free) so here is some random example of what I mean, something like square brackets repeat bar lines inside one bar and only for one instrument, I just can not figure it out how to do it in dorico and would really appreciate your help, thx!

Welcome to the forum, @anya.ailuri .

You should be able to set up repeat signs (and an alternate time signature, even if hidden) in the chorus lines, which might approach what you want to notate. To apply a different time signature or barline style such as repeat to a single staff, confirm the popover with OPT/ALT + ENTER.

Most folks who use aleatory writing use the Line Tool to extend a technique across the remaining measures to which it applies.

aleatoryTest.dorico (511.2 KB)

Of course, this is only for notation. There is no current capability to simulate aleatoric playback.