HOW TO DO: Chord Track Flat Scales / Keys

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to setup the Chord Track on A-flat but I only see sharps (i.e., G-sharp). Does anyone here know how to select a scale based on a flat root key?



Yeah, it pretty much sucks but there isn’t anyway. It has been much requested to fix this, but so far nada. Sometimes the chord itself will correctly show as flat (and sometimes not). The same problem exists in the key editor where all notes on black keys’ names show up as sharp, even when they should be flat. Very annoying.

G# = Ab

D# = Eb

C# = Db etc etc

it depends on what you terms you use musically… it can be a little annoying, and it would be nice if there was a preference to change it…

but for the meanwhile Steinberg want us to think # not b


You can change the name manually at the bottom. Just type the chord name. Then Cubase will remember the preference for that project!

oh… didn’t know you could do that… I will check that out later.