How to do trill expression map?

I am writing flute and viola duet. I am using Orchestral Tools solo flute from wood wind soloist 1 and solo viola from Berlin strings first chairs.

Trill is on G0 key on Flute with CC3 to adjust half step or whole step. A#0 on Viola with same CC control. I could trigger all other articulation from the library with key switches. Trill is never triggered. Instead, trill is played with natural articulation.

In Dorico Playing Technique, I could not find trill. I made both trill half step and trill whole step and connected to playback technique of the same names from playback technique. Still, nothing happened. Below is how I notated. I adjusted trill properties to reflect half or whole step at the property window.

How can I fix this?

Trill is in Ornaments (shift-O tr), not Playing techniques, and you can set the interval in the properties panel. Whether it plays back correctly may depend on how the VST handles trills.

Does it mean that ornament cannot be key-mapped through expression map?

AFAIK Not directly.

You could create your own playing technique, but it’s messy. If you want the tr sign in the score you would have to suppress its (internal) playback, then apply your own playing technique (and hide it).

I just experimented this. And it triggered trill playing technique I made. Looks like I have to give up the beautiful trill marking if I do that.

Does this topic solve your problem?

Sorry if I’m misunderstanding!

Thank you that was helpful.

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