How to dock an editor window?

Hi folks,

New Halion 5 user here!

A question: say i create an empty instance of Halion 5…by “empty” i mean not only no program but also no editor windows open.

Now, if i go to the “Open new window” button and then down to the “editor” tab, i can create a new floating editor window, but i can’t work out how to dock the window, like the windows are docked when you select a preset config via the “load/save/delete screenset” button.

Any ideas?

Thanks!.. D

With Halion you can’t dock floating windows.

In a docked window when you click the “down triangle” icon for windows options, you have to select split | or split –
This will split the current window vertically or horizontally. You can then add editors via the “+” tab.

Editor tabs can however be dragged between docked windows. The orange border indicates where the tab will be dropped. A thick edge shows that a new split will be created. Thin edge all round means a tab will be added to the current docked window.