How to double chord "duration"


I’ve imported a chord progression from iRealPro via XML that is based on a 2/4 meter.
I want to transfer it to an arrangement of the same song which is based on a double-time 4/4 meter. So I want to change the position of the chord symbols in that way that each chord lasts twice as long as before to match the form again. Any ideas how this could be achieved?
Sorry for my English, I hope it is understandable. :wink:


There’s no direct way to do this in just one step, unfortunately. The existing functions to e.g. double note durations won’t work on chord symbols. If you have the option of re-exporting from iRealPro in 4/4 instead, that would probably be the quickest way!

This may be a very round-about way to solve this–and I would try it on a copy of the file, just in case it goes awry:

  1. Create a staff to which you can Generate Notes From Chord Symbols. Then do so.
  2. Next see if you can double the length of the notes in that staff.
  3. If that looks like it works out, use those notes to Generate Chord Symbols From Selection. (I do not know whether one would have to filter and delete the existing chord symbols first; I suspect so.)

Please let us know if that works.

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Thank you for your replies. @Derrek: I tried a bit - and your suggested method works! I had to take care that all voicings generated in the first step have the root at the bottom, otherwise you get many (in my case unwanted) inversions when generating chord symbols again.

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Glad it works for you.