How to double duration with voices?

I’m trying to double the duration of all notes in a piece, which includes a keyboard part using multiple voices. However, the voices don’t align as they should afterwards.

I’ve tried Insert Global, which I thought was supposed to fix this, but that doesn’t work. I’ve tried the other Inserts too, to no good effect.

Do implicit and explicit rests alter differently?

There aren’t any implicit rests!

Here’s what happens: Note the Upstem voice in bar 2 of the lower staff.

Even with Insert Global, it’s still starting at the same point in bar 2.

Try adding a dummy note at the start of the Bass Clef staff so that both Voices are populated from the start.

Yes, that’s the problem, as the selected note shows: There are invisible implicit rests up until that note in that voice, which are not getting doubled.

No: even starting like this:

I get:

(The first Red minim should be aligned with the last purple note.)

I’ve tried it without any time sigs or bars, too. Even so, any keyboard part is going to have hidden rests.

Will it work with an explicit dotted whole rest in the first bar? (I suspect the bar rest doesn’t have a duration.)

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A partial success! Yes: I had to add 3 Force Durationed Minims to the first bar, and the voices aligned.

But of course, there are still other points in the score that I’ve got to pinpoint and fix, as the end of the piece looks like this:


And the Green Voice 2 is all over the place.

Not doubling whole bar rests is what Finale does!

Now I’ve tried it myself. Craig’s solution is the simplest, as usual. Seems to work with any type of insert mode, on the notes (although the last one, Global Adjustment of Current Bar, gave me a bizarre 23/4 meter in the 2nd bar).

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No: I’ve still had to go through this piece manually moving the Downstem voices forward at several points where rests didn’t get doubled.

Here’s one of several points where the Green voice didn’t get its crotchet rest doubled, even though everyone else did. (Sometimes purples doesn’t, too.)


I’ve sent in to John “The” Barron, to see if there’s a problem with the file, or whether it’s expected.