How to downgrade from 8.5.30 to 8.5.20

Some stuff is not working properly for me on update 8.5.30, I need to downgrade to 8.5.20, I see this as my only option after looking than Steinberg support Issues does not exist for customers… They never answer.

anyway… somebody here can help me to figure it out how to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Show installed updates in windows add remove programmes and uninstall it.

Can I ask what is not working for you? I’m also on 8.5.3 right now.
I’m trying to decide which version of 8 is best for me.

A very old version of Z3ta v1 as its bridged (with jbridge) I got some freezing screen… but I have many projects with this one… at the end I decided to move to z3ta +2 but was need it to add manually presets…

Ok, thanks…

just to update, this was just my fault… this was about bad behavior of the old plugin… If possible, please close this thread, thanks in advance