How to download again my free copy of Cubase from Focusrite...

Hey! What’s up?
So, I just bought a new computer, it’s an AIO Lenovo 310, but, I don’t know how to install my copy of Cubase.

I bought a Focusrite Scarlett Bundle a couple or so years ago, but, I installed my free Cubase 8 copy on my old Laptop, and sadly it broke down 4 months ago, and now, I want to recover everything I had on my Cubase, how can I get it back? First, How can I download my copy of Cubase again?
Anyway, I hope you can help me.
Thanks for reading!


Also, If I ever wanted to upgrade my free copy, how or where can I pay to do so?

Thanks again! (:

Did you register/activate it in MySteinberg site? If yes, then download link should be there.