How to download Cubase Pro 10 - (Main DAW Installer only)

I recently bought a new PC. I am reinstalling Cubase Pro 10, but figured out I only have the Update on my external HDD.
I have the license of Cubase Pro 10, and I want to download only the installer of Cubase Pro 10, (Not the update and not the Full installer along with the VST which size is 23 GB or so)
I want the installer file of Cubase Pro 10 that is around 500 Mb. (for Windows OS)

Can someone please send me a link to download?


Sorry, but only newer versions of Cubase offer the DAW as a separate download.

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I see.
The reason why I can’t download the Full installer (23 GB) is because the internet keeps interrupting.

1- If the internet got interrupted while Steinberg Download Assistant is downloading the Full Installer files (23 GB)… would that corrupt the files? And I will have to keep re-downloading?

2- Doesn’t Steinberg have the files as a Bitorrent format ?

3- Can’t someone send me the Installer via Wetransfer?



Sorry - didn’t read your question properly

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I need Cubase Pro 10 Installer. (500 Mb Windows version) (Not the update)

The reason is that my internet keeps interrupting and I can’t download the full version (23 GB)

I can only download the 23GB Zip if only shared via torrent. That way the files won’t be corrupted due to connection problems.

It should not corrupt the files, and you can continue the download later, even after quitting the app.


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Okay this is great. Thanks for sharing Steve

I tried Steve. It only allows 2 interruptions maximum. A third interruption would cause an error, and I will have to re-download from zero.
I hope someone would send me the files in 2GB chunks. Would be greatly appreciative.

Yes I’m currently residing in Lebanon. Total Blackouts. Internet and power outages every hour. Thanks for understanding.

I’ll check with someone to see if something is possible.

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Thanks Steve

I can only suggest to reach out to our local distributor for help. They should be able to provide an installer locally.

Ragtime Music Technology

+961 1 304 104

Cornich el Mazraa – Peugeot building
P.O. Box 15-5311
1101 2030 Beirut-Basta


Thanks Ed
I will reach out to local distributor.