How to download purchased VST?

Hello, I’ve brought Cubase 6.5 in February 2012 (I think) and after one year, like 3 years ago I’ve brought some VST from Steinberg for my laptop Mac, and I can’t find the download link to install them on my PC.

Item that I can’t find the link:

-ElekDrums VST Sound Instrument Set
-Padshop Pro Extension
-Synthesizers VST SOUND Instrument Set

My Steinberg account is linked to this email address:
Also, I gonna upgrade Cubase to Cubase 8 Pro, will there be available on the newest version?

Thanks in advance for the help :wink: !

Check out this link. Your files can be found in the “Downloads Software” and “Sound Content and Accessories” sections. Hope you still know your license numbers. :wink:

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Thanks alot! I’ll check it when I have time :slight_smile:

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Mhhhh can’t seem to find what I’m looking for… must really be outdated.

I saw these two are listed but no Padshop Pro. Maybe these are something different than what you are looking for?
As they say… “(2) out of (3) ain’t bad”. :wink:

Elek Drums - VST Instrument Set for Groove Agent ONE/SE/4*
Synthesizers - VST Instrument Set for HALion One

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If you have a Padshop Pro license, Padshop (installed with Cubase) automatically becomes the Pro version.

Maybe you mean that you’re looking for the Zero Gravity expansion?

Thanks Prock for the link! :slight_smile:

Thank you Romantique Tp for the info, i didn’t knew it, and no, I don’t own the Zero Gravity expansion I was talking about Padshop Pro!