How to drag cursor for Big selection?

I can only select the section that is visible. I want to drag the cursor to make a bigger selection, but the visible area does not scroll along and get bigger. How can I get it to do this?

On the ‘Overview Bar,’ you should be able to drag the edge of the surrounding rectangle to enclose your entire project or make the rectangle smaller to zoom in on a section. Look in the manual for a brief description of the ‘Overview Bar.’

Thank you. I saw that I could do that. What I would like to do is, generally, what I can do with an ordinary editor, just drag the cursor to make selection any size, watching it scroll along, in the main window. But this isn’t an ordinary editor. It’s more like a gift from God! Thank you Mr Steinberg for this almost miraculous tool. I’ve had it a few days now and learn more it can do every time I turn it on! God bless you and thank you for the help for the Africans. I told the guy at the computer shop and he agreed that gifted people such as yourself really make a difference in the world. Tom Rawlings

If the rectangle in the Overview Bar is less elongated than you need, I find that as I am selecting with the left mouse button, I can extend the selection past the visible waveform by using the arrow keys on my Windows keyboard. Just continue holding the left mouse button, and with the right arrow key, this will move the playhead further to the right than your selection. Then you can extend your selection.

You can also hold the ALT key while scrolling with mouse wheel, this will shift the view to the left/right. Don’t forget to release the ALT key before releasing the mouse button.
Here are the shortcuts that might be useful while using the mouse wheel:
wheel: zoom/unzoom time
ALT+wheel: scroll left/right
SHIFT+wheel: zoom/unzoom frequencies

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Interesting tips. I think I know what you mean. I’ll try them. Thanks. This program is incredible. For instance, I don’t need compressor or limiter any more. And you don’t have to understand the math. It’s intuitive. Don’t have to type in amount of effect, just use sliders. I see the amplifier and eraser effects have ‘slopes’, I guess you call it, so result ‘blends in’ to original file. Do you know how this can be adjusted, for more, or less, ‘abruptness’?

To adjust “abruptness” of the brush tools, you can play with the Hardness setting.

Thanks Robin.
The laptop I use is offline. I had the computer store install the trial. I like and want to buy the program. Would you have any advice as to how I should go about paying for the program and getting it installed? My phone is online, but I have to take my laptop to the library hotspot to get it online. But I am not good on the internet with the laptop. Is there anyplace I can read how to go about getting SL on my laptop?

During the registration of your license your laptop will need to be online, so I suggest you do the whole process while at the library.
To buy a full SL license the easiest is to go to that page: and click “Buy SpectraLayers”, then choose your edition (“Buy SpectraLayers Pro 7” for instance), then click “Add to Cart” and proceed with the payment.
You’ll then receive a serial which will allow you to active a full SL license in the eLicenser application which is already on your computer. Do it while at the library, as it will requires internet too.
Then you should be good !

Thank you for info. Maybe I can do it myself at the library. I will ask my friend at the computer shop what he thinks. I’m not internet computer savvy. Been offline for years. This SafeLink free for vets phone just let me hookup to internet a few minutes ago. It was offline all last night. I don’t know what happened. I will have to wait till after July 4th to have data that may be needed to purchase and install Spectralayers Pro 7. Thank you for this phenomenal tool!

Ok to ask this question here? If I process a 16bit wav file in Spectralayers Pro 7 and save it in the 32bit Float format, will the sound quality be identical to that of the same processed file saved in the 16bit format?

Yes and no : if you open it and save it as-is in 32bit Float, it’ll be identical to the 16 bit file. But if you apply some processing before saving the file, that processing will be done in 32bit Float, changing the data with subtle differences, so saving it in 32Bit Float or 16bit will make a difference.
That being said, I’m just answering mathematically here. It doesn’t mean it’ll be an audible difference.

Thanks so much for the answer. This is an incredible product!

Trial will run out in couple days. Steinberg email says purchase program, SL Pro, before trial runs out. I’m going to get computer shop to make purchase, through my PayPal, and install it. Getting to computer shop could be a problem in rain. How important is making purchase before trial runs out?

It’s not related to the trial, but if you buy now, there’s a 20% discount. I think the offer ends in a couple days, so I would not wait too much if you’re interested :slight_smile:

Thanks. Hopefully the rain will hold off so I can take laptop outside.

I want my selection to have no opacity so I can amp and erase more accurately as the selection plays in a loop. I went to preferences where it says ‘selection opacity’ and set it to zero, and clicked OK, but selection has the same opacity. Is it possible to have the selected area be clear so I can do this?

I found it. I set it in preferences, but didn’t know about the panel display drop down menu on the homepage of SL. Fantastic. Wow what a program. Thanks.

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