How to drag Tempo Track and Signature Track with MIDI parts?


I did not find any old topic about this question.

I was wondering how to drag both the Tempo Track points and Signatures I set in a project when I drag MIDI parts along the project.

I usually select all parts but when I drag them together in a different place the tempo points I previously set do not follow my MIDI parts.

Lock them is not the solution, but I am sure there is a way for that.

Thanks million.

Ok, I guess nobody knows how to do it, even better, it is not possible to drag parts in the project without reassign all tempo variations and signature points.

I tried to select all and with ctrl select all the signatures and tempo points but when I drag the MIDI parts they stay at the origin position.

It would be useful allow them to be dragged so I am opening a post in the Suggestions because I think it is a very important function and useful for all users.

What I believe I have done in the past (it’s been a while) is to (in the tempo track editor?) insert some bars of silence, and then everything moves to the right in the way it sounds like you may be wanting to do.

Thinking about it now, maybe using some combination of creating regions with copy/paste would work?

(And, in case you didn’t know, the tempo track can be saved/exported and reimported, which might help get this done, albeit in a way that still feels kind of clunky).

But these would just be work arounds … like you I’d be interested in hearing from the gurus how to do this efficiently.

I am presuming, because you wish also to include the Tempo and Time Signature, that you wish in fact to move/copy all tracks in the project? If so, then I would recommend that, instead of trying to drag, I would use Global Copy/Paste. (set Left and Right Locators to the desired range, move the Play Cursor to the desired destination, then Edit menu>Range>Global Copy, then Paste. It is then up to you to delete the source events, if desired.)
If you really do prefer to do this by drag ‘n’ drop, then you’ll have to do this in two separate moves (and will only work if you are not using the Divided Tracklist, or at least, that everything, including the Tempo and Time Signature tracks, are in the lower section) …
Select everything, drag to the desired location (it will move/copy everything except the Time Signatures). Then, you can move the Time signatures (but, strangely enough, you still can’t copy them by dragging :confused: … you’d still have to use Copy/Paste anyways :wink: )

Once again, vic_france to the rescue!

“Global Copy/Paste” … I always learn at least one thing reading a v_f post.

Thanks! :smiley:

Global Copy is great! :laughing:

Would it be possible decide how many minutes or seconds of silence insert between the parts?

When I tried Cubase placed 1 minute of silence whereas I just need some second. :confused:

Set Left and Right Locators to set the desired range.
So, if you wish to insert a certain time, rather than a certain number of bars/beats, click on the main display in the Transport Bar, to toggle it to seconds, and that will also toggle the display for the l and R Locators, so it will be easy to set Right Locator one minute later than the Left Locator.

Thanks million!

-1 – Thanks Vic!

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