How to draw a level STRAIGHT LINE in automation lanes?

For example, I drew 2 points in my automation lane. I adjusted the second one and want to move it back down so it’s even with the first one.

How to I return that drawn point so it is the same value as the other one? The only way I seem to be able to do that is by clicking on each dot to tell the value.

I’m not aware of another way of doing that either.

After clicking on the a dot in the automation lane, I typically navigate between the various dots in the same lane with the left and right arrow keys on my keyboard (so I only need 1 precise mouse click), and then I type the values for those I want to have precise control over in the info line.

Attached a gif below, a few ways to get straight lines.

First way, make a perfectly straight line automatically: Select Square tool, press Shift and click and drag on the automation line.

Second way, just enable the horizontal tool line and ballpark a line it with its help (Preferences > Editing > Tools > Show Horizontal Line)

Third way, select multiple events (with Shift-clicking) on the automation lane. Go into the Info Line, double-click to edit the value, press Ctrl + Enter. It always shows the value of the first (left-most) event and changes all the selected events to match that value. Note that the events whose value you want to change do not have to be next to each other.

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