How to draw automation without affecting future points?

I’ve read the manual and I think I want the auto latch functionality but while drawing. Basically I want to draw at a certain section and have the later section be unaffected. Currently when I draw the last point gets overwritten which I’d like to avoid!


Maybe the mode “Touch” would be better in this case? (or, at least, come out of Write mode before you reach that last point that you wanted to keep :wink: )

That works with the faderport, but when drawing automation by hand it doesn’t seem to help!

What exactly do you mean by “drawing automation by hand”?.. Using the pencil tool while Cubase is in Stop (where, in fact, the Automation mode shouldn’t make any difference anyways), or using the mouse on the channel’s virtual fader?
Do you have the possibility of uploading an animated .gif, to demonstrate what is happening (or at least post a link)?

YES (The bold stuff) - that’'s what I meant.

So you are saying that, after finishing writing manually your automation events, it deletes the next, previously written automation event? :confused: (and does the one after that one remain intact?). I really don’t see what could be causing this to happen. A gif or at least a screenshot would really help understand :wink:.

Ok, here’s the pic showing what is current and what I’d like:

I am not quite understanding your “Want this” curve… it doesn’t have any nodes on it, even though it isn’t a straight line. Is it an actual automation curve, or just something you drew (outside of Cubase, to show what you’d like)? The closest thing I can equate it to, if it is indeed a previous automation curve, is that you have activated “Fill: To End”, in the Automation panel?

Currently, when I draw automation the LAST point in the automation is the line that gets carried throughout till the end.

What I want is, for the rest of the automation to remain unchanged and only the place I draw to be affected.

Let’s say there’s only a snare hit that I want to automate reverb on.

Before automation:

Wanted Automation:


What happens instead:

I think I understand the problem.
If you Use the pencil to add another point just after where you will stop it should anchor the automation trace from where you have effectively “opened” the trace. So put a point by hand (pencil) at the location of ___ corner.

Edit… or anywhere along the final horizontal bit. You can drag the point in later to fine tune with a zoomed in x-scale
If it’s something like a mute trace then you just have to do the on/off.

Yes, that’s what I do. But it is time-consuming and not accurate - I don’t know how to create a point without affecting the envelope. Usually I add a point and then edit it to 0 or whatever the value is. It’s pretty annoying.

There may be an answer. I often hear about an extra way of doing things beyond the thus-far experience. I find zooming and fine tuning can be more accurate than hit and miss with a live fader run or mouse at punk rock chorus tempo. Some things are time consuming with cubase. A few things are pretty annoying with Cubase like my chamelion track settings. I’ve just tried it with stereo pan mouse on slider and stereo enhance bypass on/off and it just pings back to the subsequent bit of trace as intended when I stop. May be it’s different in your version of Cubase or with the parameter you’re adjusting. Does it work for you if you adjust a different parameter?

Regardless of the parameter, when you automate using hardware (mouse or slider or knob), Cubase defaults to the latch-type behavior that you’re seeing. So far so good. BUT this only applies when you automate with mouse/hardware NOT when you draw in automation.

When you DRAW in automation it doesn’t do the latch behavior, which is what I really want.

It depends on your exact requirements but here’s one way to do it. Some may find it too complicated but I have key commands set up for the necessary functions and I find it quite effective.

  1. You must have at least one automation point written AFTER the area which you want to edit. Best to add a point at the end of your track.
  2. Set the cycle locators around the area that you want to automate (the ‘Locators To Selection’ key command is useful for this).
  3. Enable Fill Loop mode (in the Automation panel, or via key command)
  4. Use the pencil tool to alter the automation curve within the cycle range.

Thanks but it doesn’t do what I was after - i.e. I don’t want just a straight line. It could be a curve.

FYI to do what you want to do there’s a much easier method - Use the line tool (map it to shortcut) to select a square waveform. Press ctrl+shift and draw a line over the area you want. Done.

Come to think of it, that’s what I’ve been doing all along and was hoping for an even simpler method. I guess this is one minor inconvenience that is manageable since there’s a workaround for it. :neutral_face: