How to draw multiple notes using the Line Tool???

I’ve seen a question posted on an old forum post here where the user asked the question of how to draw multiple notes in Cubase, but the question never received an appropriate response that I can tell. That users question was posted here

So I am essentially asking the same question in hopes that someone will be able to provide an answer. I’ve heard users in other forums hype on how Cubase has very intuitive drawing tools for notes where they can create multiple notes with a single line using the Line Tool.

I also have seen this in action here:
about 1:25 minutes into the video, but I can’t seem to emulate it in Cubase 7. My guess is that there must be some key pressed while drawing the note to create the multiple notes but I have searched everywhere online without finding an answer.

I am using Cubase 7 on a Mac. I know I can hold the Option key down while clicking on an existing note to select the Repeat function from the function context menu but that is not the same thing.

Anyone know how to do this? It would obviously same a ton of clicking to create multiple notes for a long pattern and make things more productive.


The length of the notes is determined by the quantize preset.

Select the line tool and draw, it should be that simple.

Thanks for the reply, but it isn’t that simple on my system. The Quantize tutorial that I posted a link to as well as your post makes it seem extremely simple but there must be some other setting that is missing to achieve this, hence the actual reason for my post.

What is missing is actually the question. I’ve done exactly as you have illustrated and simply get a long line without quantizing the segments based on the selected Quantize Preset.

Please see my attachment. (293 KB)

Hi MaestroMetro7,

in your second video you´ve forgot to activate the > snap button.
This will be the “problem”, I think…

Do you mean the ‘Snap’ button…? As in Steve’s GIF…? :wink:


another very nice and comfortable tool to draw (Midi) events:

try using the “brush” ( it´s below the line/rectangular/parabolic etc. tools)
With the brush tool, the end of events are also quantized. They depend on the selected Quantize Length (!)



@Puma0382: of course. :wink: (sorry, edited)

Thanks Centralmusic for pointing the snap button out. It was exactly the thing that I missed; I’ll also experiment with the brush tool now.

Also thanks to SteveInChicago for your initial response to the post and providing the pic for guidance. :smiley: