How to draw the modwheel?


I’m wanna draw the automation of the modulation but can’t figure out how to do that…

On the midi track I’ve tried to got to “All CC> CC1” where I can see the automation being drawn in a grey line when I use the modwheel but I can only change a yellow automation line and not the grey one which is the one I need to control… How can I do that?

Also when I use my modwheel it’s like the modulation keeps returning to zero/going back down the hole time so I can’t get a sustained sound with the modwheel turned fully up… the weird thing is the CC1 grey line is drawn like it’s suppose to but it doesn’t sound right… in the “event block” I can see the modulation spiking and returning to zero the hole time so I got all these vertical lines instead of a wall of modulation… can anybody help me??

Are you hitting the red “W” button so that automation will be written when you try this?

You’ll see that both the red “W” and the green “R” come on when you hit the W. After turn it off and make sure the “R” is on so that the automation you are writing will be read so your modulation data is sent to your instrument.


Yeah it’s not the “w” I was missing… though I’m now able to modify the modulation but I don’t understand why the grey line is only half of the amount of the yellow line which I can control… the grey line follows the yellow now after I changed the setting to Average in the Part Merge Mode panel on the midi track… for it all to work properly I had to disconnect the midi input on the midi track cause apparently the midi keyboard was constantly sending a signal from the modwheel even when it was turned all the way down…

Well I think it all works like it’s suppose to now but it’s still strange that they grey line can go up 100% with manually using the modwheel and only 50% when you automate it… though it sound the same as far as I can hear… I wonder if it’s some automation setting I have to adjust? Anyway it works :slight_smile: Thanks for your replay