How to: drop in a bar of 6/4?

I’ve just completed a short piece in 4/4, but realize upon inspection that in the middle one bar is actually 6/4, throwing out my timeline bar-starts by 2 beats.
I have a Sig track, but even with the Process Bars dialogue I can’t get it to come out right. [also, it increases the tempo track bpm during this bar when using Recorform]
Tried with audio as musical mode, in pool, and also without this, but no matter what I do when I either Replace or Recorform bar it pushes the audio on the right further out by 2 beats, leaving the Midi alone, so either the midi and audio match up, but then comes a 2 beat “gap” between clips a few bars further along, or the audio is correct but the Midi is 2 beats to late. I really just want cubase [well, actually Nuendo, but it’s the same process…] to acknowledge that 6/4 bar, without changing anything else other than where the start of the following bars begins. More of a visual reference thing than a musical thing, really.


Hi Jack

If everything is in sync and you just want to change the time sig at that point so the bars line up with midi and audio I would use ctrl-t and change the bar at that point to 6/4 and then the following bar back to 4/4. Or am I misunderstanding what you’re trying to do.

Best Regards, Dave