How to duplicate a track with the same instrument


I am a Logic user trying out Cubase.
I am trying to find out how to create a duplicate track using the same instrument. What is perhaps one of the most basic things is proving elusive.
Just to be clear, I have a track that is using a VST instrument (Halion, whatever). It’s got a midi drum track on it and the region has kick, snare, hihat etc all in the same part; I want to create a duplicate track, same instrument - NOT a duplicate of the instrument (I don’t want to run 2 copies of the same VST!) and copy the part/region so that I can have the kick on one part and the rest/whatever in the other.
Again, I do now want a duplicate of the track in the sense of creating another track with another instance of the same VST; I just want another track so that I can split the midi parts but use the same instrument.

How can I do this? Thanks.

It would help if you didn’t think about it as a “Duplicate”, because there is a command that duplicates the instrument, loading a second instance. So your finger will click on it out of habit (hey it says duplicate!) and it will not do what you want. :mrgreen:

What to do instead.

  • With your instrument track selected, right click underneath in empty space.
  • Add midi track. (On the left, check the inspector tab, and in particular the output. Does it point to the instrument you want? Yes? Fine! No? Assign it!)
  • Go to original part. Select it.
  • Keeping Alt pressed, drag it over to your new midi track.
  • Open it with key editor.
  • Keeping control pressed, click on the key (piano key) that corresponds to your kick’s note.
    -Go to Edit-Select-Invert. Press Del key.
  • Your kick track is ready.

If you like to have many midi tracks pointing to the same instruments, and sometimes I do too, I find it’s easier to load a Rack instrument from the F11 menu and create just midi tracks that all connect to said rack instrument, so as to not have “instrument tracks” and midi tracks mixed together. Not that it makes any difference, it’s just that I find it more uniform.

Edit: Actually, the easiest way is: Select your track, go to MIDI->Dissolve part, Separate Pitches. The midi tracks will be auto-created. How did I even forget. :unamused:


A trick Iearned from one of the threads on the forum. It might have been from the useful sticky thread: Tips, Tricks and Workflow goodness.

Edit menu> Macros sub menu > Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data

Note that the track needs to be a MIDI track with an assigned instrument, and not an instrument track. The latter will duplicate the instrument too.

Assigning a key command works well for firing this off frequently.