How to duplicate tracks with selection?


Is it possible to duplicate tracks but only with partial clip selection?

With this macro possibly:

That’s the one, I have not used macros before very good function!

Sorry this didn’t work it only deleted the selection

I just want to make a new track with this without deleting anything from existing track

Johnny’s macro looks solid. What about it doesn’t work for you?

I selsected it from the menu but it just deleted it is it different macro? The one on the menu doesn’t do what it says.

I don’t follow. What do you mean? Did you try to recreate Johnny’s macro?

where do I do this I do not see any option to create macros?

I did recreate it and it did not work. I have selected events on few tracks and want to create new tracks with those events only. basically duplicate function but with selected range only.

Yeah, I wouldn’t expect it to work if you select events on multiple tracks. I believe it should work if the selected events are on one track only, the track that gets duplicated.

No it did not create a new track it oly copied the clip or bounced it onto existing selected track but thats far from what the intention. Basically it has to use duplicate function but with selection no matter how many tracks selected If I select 3 tracks with particular selection it should duplicate those tracks and only have those selections on them. I guess I just use render in place for than until there is a better way to just duplicate selection.

With the macro example above, you would have to do it track by track. Then it should work fine.

Sorry my bad, it does work the key command for that wasn’t saved and it was applying different function, It works on multiple tracks as well. This is what I was looking for. Thanks!

Is it also possible to add to the macro the function so the new tracks always get created under the selected event track? I just created bunch of tracks and have no idea where they landed because different track was selected while the event was different. Any reason why cubase selects tracks independently to events why is this disconnected?

There is a preference to tie event/part and track selection:
You can find it in Preferences → Editing

Great that solves the roblem any reason to why would someone want the events to be independent?

Yes. :grinning: