How to easily roll back from 7.03 to 7.02?

Hey guys

I really want to roll back cause the bugged mixer graphics keeps me from focussing on my work, instead I find myself panicking about what’s going to happen each time I open a mixer.

Is there a quick + easy + safe way to roll back from 7.03 to 7.02 without having to reinstall everything + kill the preferences folder?


The same way you roll back from all the other updates - posted here on the forums at least once whenever a new update comes out…

And you are who? The police? I can’t remember dialing 999. If you’re not bothered, then don’t answer.

I rolled mine back my restoring the cubase directory from a backup… not 100% certain if that’s the best way to do it, but it worked for me

Doesn’t work for me cause I don’t have any backups, or suitable windows restore points. Will try to reinstall 7.02 on top of 7.03 and if it doesn’t work, then I’ll kill 7.03 and install 7.02 from scratch.

Thanks anyway.

Brilliant (shut down) :smiley:

Windows/Control Panel/Programs and Features/View installed updates/Cubase 7.03/Uninstall

buy a cheap drive and clone the drive from now on because I think it’s going to be a rocky road with this c7 so be prepared :wink:

On the uninstall panel in windows 7 there is an option to show “installed updates”.
Windows keeps track of this, so just find the 7.03 update and uninstall it.

I have done this several times and always worked perfectly.

Worked fine, thanks!

Learned the hard way that whenever I’m installing/changing something that might turn out iffy, it is best to create a restore point myself. Then I always have a suitable one. :wink:

The reason I’m not much of a restore point adept is that it will roll back everything else too. Every audio/graphics driver, every plugin update, every windows update etc. It’s not such a big problem for reverting C7.03 back to C7.02 cause it’s only a matter of days, but I stopped using this feature a long time ago cause the result can be unpredictable. Issues one managed to get rid of after the restore point might come back and so on.

Anyways, the ‘uninstall update’ windows option works fine.

In my list of updates, only 7.0.3 is listed, no sign of the other two. What happens after you roll back from 7.0.3? Do you then see 7.0.2 in the list?

The only underlying version I had was a clean 7.02 (the huge one from the download page, it installs clean and doesn’t require any previous versions) so when I uninstalled 7.03 this one (the 7.02) was the only one left. It didn’t appear in the list as long as the 7.03 was there, though.

A bit inconclusive but encouraging nevertheless. Thanks, C