How to edit a specific part in track

New to cubasis

I want to add delay to a selected part in a track, could somebody help?

Hi FauQuilombo,

Please have a look at this tutorial to learn how to add effects to a track (see at 0:57): Cubasis LE | Song Creation #2 - YouTube

Instead of choosing a chorus, pick the delay effect from the list.

We have lots of useful tutorials available to get you started quickly.
Please find all of them here:

Cubasis Tutorials

Cubasis LE Song Production Tutorials

Also the included in-app help provides handy descriptions to all Cubasis features.

Hope that helps…


Yea, it’s good, but can the effect be added to just a part of the track and not to all of it?

Hi FauQuilombo,

Both insert and send effects can be used for tracks only.
To add an effect to a part of the track I’d suggest to use (a) automation or (b) move the part to a separate track.

Hope that helps.