How to edit MM mark without having to make a new one.

Again, I"m probably missing something, but if i just want to change a numerical value in a metronome mark, it has happened sometimes when I click on it and the dialogue box opens and I can type in a new number, but most of the time I just get the input cursor for notes and I usually have to delete the mm mark and do it all over again. Is it possible to edit without making a new one?

Left click the metronome mark you want to edit and then open the properties panel at the bottom of the page (Ctrl-8). You’ll find lots of options, including one to change the numerical value of your metronome mark.



Unless I’m mistaken, there’s no way to change the “note” part of the metronome mark, though. Right? So I can change from q=56 to q=112, but not from q=56 to h=56. I have to delete the marking and create a new one. A little odd.

That’s correct, for the time being. It is planned that you should be able to do this by way of the ‘Beat unit’ property (at present always disabled).