How to edit/modify recorded pitch bend events

Hi there,
Pretty new to Cubase so apologize in advance if the question is dumb.
I recorded a midi track (using my standard midi keyboard) and used the pitch bend knob during the record.
When I play back the track everything’s fine. Pitch is reproduced adequately.
I can even see the pitch bend events in the track itself.

Now I’d like to edit this. If I display the automation from the midi track I can choose “Padshop - PitchBend” (I’m using Padshop as instrument on this track) from the long list of automatable items but it let me create a new curve… it will not edit the current curve.

what Am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance,


Double klick the midi event. the midi editor window should pop up. On the bottom right where under the bar it says velocity; click it and you get a dropdown menu. From there you can choose pitchbend :slight_smile:

Still can’t figure it out.
My pitch bend are not seeable in the midi editor. Only in the background in the main track view.
I made some screenshots:

In the main track, you can see in the background all the pitch events. I can also hear them.
ScreenHunter_46 Feb. 05 01.11.jpg
From there I tried to select in the automation the pitch bend but a new line (as the volume that you can see in this screenshot) appear.

I tried to follow your advice and use the midi editor, but here even if I select the Pitch bend in the combobow on top right, I don’t see all the event. It’s like there is only 1 value of pitch !?
ScreenHunter_47 Feb. 05 01.12.jpg
See what I mean?
Basically I’m looking for a way to have what I can just see in background of my track (screenshot 1) in teh midi editor so that I can modify the curve with the usual tools (like for velocity for example)…


Oh! I’ve just found it !!!
just above the virtual keyboard in teh midi editor view !!!

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Good one! thanks - been looking for like a half hour now. pro 9.5.
Mine is on the bottom of the keyboard on the left though - almost completely gave up.
Man! You think they would put that somewhere more prominent?!