How to edit note length but keep their relationship rhythmically the same

Hey guys does anyone know how to edit all note in a phrase in a way to shorten the length but keep the phrase the same? In a way like speeding up the rhythm, from lets say quarter notes to dotted 8th and 8th and so on?

I am going to assume you are talking about MIDI. If so, then yes. You can use Time Stretch on MIDI data as well as audio.

Thanks for the reply, yes i meant MIDI notes. If its called Time stretch also for MIDI then I’ll search for it. Thanks.

The link to the manual above should help. :slight_smile:

Yeah turns out what i was looking for was the “Sizing Applies Time Stretch” tool. But this is to edit the event in the main window. Is there a way to time stretch the selected MIDI events in the Key editor?

Yes, it is all described in the link I posted.

Here it is again: