How to edit tempo of "tempo detected" track?

I used the “detect tempo” function to extract and set the project tempo from a pre-recorded audio track. That function created a time signature track and a tempo track with all the little tempo points.

Now, if I edit any of the points in the tempo track the only thing that changes is the click tempo. How do I make the AUDIO change tempo at those points?

In other words, how do you get the audio track to follow tempo track edits if the audio was used to CREATE the tempo track?

You set it to musical mode by applying the tempo track to the audio.

Ok, how - what are the steps?

BTW - I tried to change the track to Musical Mode and it said I couldn’t because of the tempo track. Seems like a “catch 22"”… :confused:

The steps are to use the command that does exactly that - If you can´t find it - look it up - I´ll have to do the same.

That´s why my advice was to use the above method, not the pool ,or whatever you tried there.

You may have to define the tempo, if that’s the case, the above may be helpful.