How to edit the pitch of certain notes

My next question is how to edit the pitch of certain notes in the harmony track because they are in unison with the lead vocal and Cubase won’t let me change the pitch of the duplicated note in the harmony line.


Open The Sample Editor > Vari Audio tab. Click to Edit VariAudio to analyse the signal. Then, you can move the segments the very same way as MIDI Notes.

Thanks, Martin. I think I did that but the notes snapped back to their original pitch after I released them with my mouse. It’s likely more pilot error. I’ll try again and report back.


I see. This is because the tracks, which are generated for the harmony, follow the Chord track. Disable this option, please.

Please remove this reply. I found the answer. Thanks.


Could you please link the solution here? So other users, who would find this thread could find the answer easily too.


Glad to, Martin. I actually found the answer on this forum but I forget where. Here’s the procedure.

After you create a Chord track and use it to generate a harmony line for a vocal track, you can move the pitch of an individual note wave but it may not stay where you want. That is, the note will snap back to its original position. To fix this, perform the following steps.

  1. Close the Sample Editor window.
  2. In the Project window, select the newly created harmony track.
  3. Click on the Chords section of the Inspector.
  4. Change Single Voice to Chords and Scales.
  5. Open the Sample Editor and the moved notes will stay where you want them.
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