How to Edit Velocity of a Single Note Using Variaudio

I have recorded a vocal track, cant figure out how to edit velocity of a single note in variaudio after pitch correction…as i found some of the notes are too harsh so i need to tone it down…wish to edit in variaudio.
Thanks in advance !

Hi focusmsg -

VariAudio is pretty good at helping with pitch changes and timing changes too, but not so much able to help with other things.

Not really sure thought what you mean by “velocity … harsh” … do you mean overall loudness? Maybe using the volume envelopes, or a compressor can help with that. If it’s just “harsh but not loud”, possibly EQ would be the answer … in either case, VariAudio might not be the best tool for those kinds of fixes.

If you could post an example (soundcloud link, etc.), maybe we can help a bit more!

(And … Welcome to the forum, focusmsg! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hi Alexis

Thank you for your reply. what i meant was adjust the velocity of a single note to make it louder, like what the melodyne did… wonder could variaudio do that .

Many thanks

Sadly, no - VA cannot do as you desire, yet…!! (I call it adjusting amplitude - vertical size of those ‘blobs’ in Melodyne)

I’m hopeful Steinberg can add this functionality at some point. Please add your voice/vote to my bigger thread of VariAudio 2.x wishlist of Feature Requests:-