How to edit Zoom Presets

I have Zoom Presets 1 - 5 assigned to ALT + 1 - 5 respectively. How can I edit the zoom presets? I’d like 5 to zoom in much closer than it currently is set at.

No one else uses zoom presets?

+1 for this question.

nothing in the manual about how to store these presets,

I searched the C6 manual for ‘Zoom Presets’ and discovered the info you seek on page ҂ઠ :smiling_imp:

SH#t you’re right (page 66). (the reader on my iPad has a issue with spaces in the search obviously)

A classic RTFM.

Tested it, and it works great. A necessary option when using the jog mode on the CMC Ai-controller since its shuttle resolution depends on your zoom settings.
So now i can make macro s to shuttle in frames, seconds or minutes.

Just saying to in case someone bumps in this threat with the same idea. :wink:

:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Three years later, it’s answered! Better late than never :wink: