How to effectively filter notes without tuplets?

Is there a key command (or someother way) to effectively select notes without tuplets?

Only string of key commands I know for this is:

  1. filter all notes and chords
  2. select “Deselect”
  3. (un)filter “tuplets”
  4. remember to select “select”

Even with stream deck this is so much mental effort that I usually end up deselecting the individual tuplets with mouse… :slight_smile:

But is it possible to create one key command to achieve this?

Sorry, I realized that this has been discussed earlier…

Select a single note and then Select More, rather than filtering?

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That kind of works, but I still need to select one note from every bar for that to work properly…

But no worries, I actually placed the buttons for whole string of commands right next to each other in stream deck and now I can actually perform it really fast!

You can repeat the Select More command too.

Yes, I’m aware that it’s possible to select first whole bar, then whole system and finally whole flow with “select more”. But this rarely selects the desired passage, especially in galley view. But if you select one note in every bar of the desired passage and do “select more”, that will actully select all notes without tuplets.