How to emulate cubase's out bus distortion?

if I drive the output volume cubase produces this very nice overdrive. How can I can achieve that effect with plugins? I’ve tried pushing waves compressor/limiter but that doesn’t work

edit: GClip comes close. is that basically what cubase does? just clips the waveform?

Yup, that’s what happens when you try to push a digital signal beyond the number of available bits, hard clipping, should be plenty of FSU-plugs out there with that feature.

You could shell out some shekles for Voxengo Elephant which has a clipping feature option/preset, and get a very excellent all round mastering limiter to boot :wink: .

You can download it here:
It will function in demo mode but makes a noise every so often.



Or try the Sausage Fattener :wink: