How to Emulate the ""point and control" feature of cubase in other hardware controller ?


I have a CMC-AI which has this feature. we point the mouse on something, and moving a conctroller (here it’s a jog) and the data change.

I’m starting to see this feature available in other controller (CC121) but as well on product not from steinberg, like the last Faderport from Presonus so it’s certainly possible to make this feature working with keyboard shortcut on any controlleur.

somebody know how to do it ? i use some other controller and would love to have them doing it.
someone know which keyboard shorcut does the “point / click” and the lock feature ?

Thanks !

I believe it is sending mouse movement commands, wheel up/down and so forth. The difficulty is getting the midi command from the controller transformed into the mouse command, Cubase won’t do that on its own.

If your controller can be configured to send mouse clicks and keystrokes, that’s the route to go. Otherwise, you would need a utility like Bome Midi Translator Pro.

humm, i’m not sure it 's a mouse mouvement command. for example, the last faderport V2 from presonus, doesn’t work in Native Mode with cubase, but use HUI et Mackie Control option.
i have bome midi translator. i have configured it in a way that the jog modify the velocity, to bypass an issue. normally, clicking anywhere would work, but in the midi editor, it’s not working at all. impossible to modify the datas in the infos bar (like bar position, even poisition, velocity etc.).

no idea why.