How to enable/disable pitchbend in Midi Remote?

I’d like to be able to turn “accept pitchbend on/off” (or “filter out pitchbend off/on” if you prefer) using an external midi button. I’m familiar with Midi Remote (actually, I use Generic Remote). But I can’t figure out how to access “pitchbend on/off”.

(In Generic Remote, would it be something like ‘Transport | Command | ???’ Or what?)

In other words, is there some way to mute PitchBend at will? With a key command? A MIDI message? Or…



Sorry, I don’t know if I understand your question.

Do you mean, you want to use PitchBend to control Cubase Remotely (using the MIDI Remote) then switch a button and use it as common MIDI data to pass PitchBend to the tracks?

Or do you mean something different?

I’m using a Genki Midi Ring mostly for realistic vibrato (which uses pitchbend). It works great!

Sometimes I want to record the pitchbend/vibrato (like ‘violin’), other times not (like ‘harp’). If I turn off the ring’s power, I have to restart Cubase to reconnect it. Inside the Genki ‘driver’ program I can mute pitchbend, but that means I have to open their program and drill down to click the mute button (slowing down work flow). Inside Cubase I can open Edit | Preferences | Midi and filter out pitchbend, but that means multiple clicks. (Doesn’t look like I can access that with a key command.)

What would be great is to be able to set up a key command, or respond to a midi message (using MIDI remote) to turn the pitchbend filter on/off with the push of a button or key.

Ha, the ring has a button where you can mute the whole ring (while retaining the connection). That works!

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I was about to say that, but you beat me to it.