How to enable/disable VST Plug-ins in C8?

I’ve instaled Cubase Pro 8 today, and it’s a great DAW, nonetheless has a few glitches, most of them reported here. But one thing i find puzzling is the new Plug in management window. I understand that it’s a better way of manage plugins, but there’s one thing i don’t understand: in the new window, where can one activate or deactivate (enable ou desable) the plugins? In the older (7.5) version, you had little squares to thick or unthick. Now there are no squares at all… Can someone explain? I confess that i haven’t read the whole new manual…

Select a plug-in in the window. Then, at the bottom, check (or uncheck) the “Active” box.

Ok, gonna try that. Can it be done to all choosen plug-ins or has to be one by one?

Ok… has to be done one by one… kind a lame thing… the “thick/untick” square was more simple…

You can achieve the same result very easily by creating a new collection and deleting folders or individual plugs from the browser style list on the right.