How to enable dynamic lanes

Greetings all, I am using the Play TrackInspector-VSTAndMidi Sections to assign instruments to tracks, such as VSL Synchron etc. However, the dynamics don’t work at all and I was wondering how to enable them. Given I have a complete score, I can not load the expression maps as I can not assign an expression map to the instruments separately and individually, right? I also see no dynamic lanes at all in the Track Inspector. Hence I am thankful for assistance on letting me know how to make dynamics work (in my case all instruments are currently VSL Synchron ones).

You might be reading some older documentation for Dorico 3.5 or earlier, in which case you’ll have been led down the garden path a bit concerning where the dynamics editor is found. The dynamics editor is now part of the Key Editor, which you’ll find in the lower zone. Here’s an introduction to the Key Editor:

The dynamics editor will only produce changes in the actual playback once you have appropriate expression maps assigned to each instrument: it’s the expression map that tells Dorico how the dynamics should be realised (e.g. with velocity, or with a specific MIDI controller).

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Thanks Daniel (still know you from Pre Avid Sibelius Times…) and thanks for clarification. I was indead mislead by an older version’s documentation. Have assigned expression maps meanwhile and will try to make things work. Does Dorico have a mixer for the different scores? And it sort of is missing several PlugIns (VSL Ensemble Pro, VSL Harp Player) – hence I cam stuck to 16 channels currently and get no sound at all for staves 17 and higher… Looking forward to hearing from you!

When you say Dorico is missing plug-ins, could it simply be that you need to scroll the menu that appears in the drop-down in the VST and MIDI panel in Play mode, because “VSL” is off the bottom of the menu by default?

Hi agian,
I know VSL is at the bottom, and the Synchron and Piano player are available whereas the rest is just missing…

Perhaps you’re running Dorico on a new Apple silicon-based Mac, and you don’t have Apple silicon native versions of all of your VSL plug-ins? If so, try running Dorico under Rosetta.