How to enable smooth scroll?

Every time I scroll the timeline jumps quite a lot, how to turn on smooth scrolling quantise and grid settings do not affect it at all?

Update: This looks more like a technical glich now as some parts scroll smoothely some don’t and apparently there are no issues on mac!

First of all, it looks like you have Auto-Scroll enabled. Start by turning that off.

Next, where you’re clicking will cause a larger scroll jump. That’s by design and how every scroll bar in any application works.

  1. Clicking the small arrow will result in a small scroll jump
  2. Click and hold the scroll bar for smooth, continuous scrolling
  3. Clicking a blank space will cause a larger scroll jump

I am referring to mouse scroll, not a click.

Perhaps you should’ve mentioned that.

Isn’t the “scroll step” setup in your OS settings or mouse driver settings?

But I can see that click and hold the scroll bar works more smoothly, shouldn’t the scroll respond to quantise setting? The scroll is very clunky if you compare with page browsers in office or internet browsers

Regardless of the method click or mouse both do not have smooth scrolling. The mouse jumps two bars and the click half the line. Windows settings do not affect Cubase. I mean you can even see for yourself the difference scroll web browser and then scroll the timeline in Cubase. This is how the page should behave with smooth scrolling:

I do not believe it should, no.

Do you mean that there isn’t a smooth scroll between the start and end? I think that is favorable. It makes scrolling quicker.

It does make it quicker, but clunky, Browsers have smooth scrolling and it works fast too depending on how you scroll. It is intuitive. The type of scrolling is in Cubase worked this way in first generation browsers. The UI is really old in Cubase…

Personal preference perhaps. I prefer it the way it is. There are plenty of applications that does not use this smooth scroll transition and to me, it feels more accurate. Some examples are, CAD programs, image editors such as Photoshop et al, video editors, etc.
Comparing a DAW to an internet browser is really apples to oranges.

I mean look at this I literally have few tracks and the scroll jumps as if I was about to go to track 200. Sorry, ridiculous. I don’t know how you find this favorable, unless you only jump from track 1 to one 200 Get FL Studio and see how proper UI functions.

Try changing your project’s length by going to Project->Project Setup->Project duration to a value somewhere near your project’s actual length. The drag of the white bar should now behave more smooth. At the same time, note that clicking works relative to the zoom you’ve set, because the zoom level defines the steps of the bar.

I think it is not so much about the step width as about a small “animation” to go from current view to new view. I think OP expects the screen to slide instead of jump.

That’s correct, hence I called in the thred smooth scroll.

Well ,the answer is - there is no smooth scrolling mode in Cubase. Put it up as a feature-request.

on Mac it works great with trackpad or with mouse+SmartScroll app

maybe it’s a Windows issue?

@Voxango that’s a good suggestion. Tried this?

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Push scrollwheel and hold down then move


Good suggestion. Alternately, I would activate the Overview line, if not done. ‘Smooth scrolling’ guaranteed, using it…

Not what OP is talking about.

Doesn’t introduce smooth scroll.