How to enlarge durations of notes together

Hello, everyone

In Dorico Pro 4, for example
if I have notes like this


I want to make them like below

or like below


Also, I want to make them like below, too


I want an easy way to do these

If there are several voices,
I want this to happen for some voice in several voices
or want this to happen for whole voices together

Please help me with this issue

Thank you and have a nice day

When you turn on insert mode and change duration, the notes will stay connected. You can use the commands in Write > Edit Duration, or just change the note value directly with the number keys.

To make spaces between the notes, turn off insert mode and change the duration.


Dear Mark
How are you since then, Mark?

I just tried to do all menus in write > edit duration
however it didn’t work

notes of latter half part disappear if I enlarge their duration double

So please help me…

The key ingredient here is Insert mode:

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Oh I see
I need to do this in insert mode as you (Mark) said

Thank you !
Now I solved the problem…

Thank also to Lillie

Thank you so much, all of you
and have a great day !

See you again

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