How to enter Activation Code for Dorico 4?

I tried the trial of Dorico 4 and purchased it before the trial expired. There appears to be no way to enter the Activation Code for the purchased version. The trial version expired today and I am not given any opportuinity anywhere that I can see to enter the Activation Code. I’ve looked everywhere! It’s certainly not obvious.

Use the Steinberg activation manager software:

I believe it’s installed concurrently with Dorico 4.x

I have the Activation Manager already and it says I have the Dorico 4 Trial (expired), but gives no option to do anything at all with the trial version, or add the code I have for the purchased version. So it looks like I have to reinstall from scratch and presumably uninstall everything first? Seems a very strange way to go about converting a trial to the full product

Once you’re logged into Activation Manager there’s a refresh button (two arrows forming a circle) in the top right corner. Try clicking it.

Uninstalling and reinstalling would be an utter waste of time: it won’t activate your license.

Iv’e already tried the refresh - it does nothing. The only option available is to ‘Buy’ the product. Totally bewlidering.

Close Activation Manager. Open Steinberg Download Assistant. Click the “Enter your Download Access Code” button at the top left, paste your code in and hit OK. Does that do anything?

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Yes, that does work! It says ‘now entitled to use Dorico 4’ and then takes me to a screen which shows I have two Dorico 4s installed, one is the Trial (expired) and the other is Dorico 4 which neds activating. Confusing because Download Access Code is not the same as Activation Code, except it is.

Thanks for your help :+1:

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