How to enter only pitches after rhythm has been entered?

Hello everyone, I just bought Dorico and after some days it seems promising, however different it is from Sibelius-users experience. The results look really good.

I tried to search for a solution here, since trying to search the manual is really inefficient, but could not find an answer yet in either place.

So my question is: I sometimes like to enter rhythms first, using just one constant pitch. I might copy the rhythm to other instruments. How do I most easily change the pitches of the notes - I would love to be able to choose the beginning note, (re-)enter the pitch from my midi-keyboard, skip to the next note and enter the pitch and so on…now I could only come up with a way where I needed to enter the note value again which should not be needed anymore since I already entered it. In Sibelius I could do this quite conveniently. Am I missing something here, or is this possible in Dorico?

So what I mean is, could there be a mode of (re-)entering consecutive pitches, without having to enter and exit the caret-mode. Now you need to select a note, activate caret, press a note on keyboard, de-activate caret, move to the next note, activate caret, press…and so on. If there was one command to enter “consecutive pitch entering mode” you could enter a pitch and be automatically taken to the next note (attack of the note, disregarding ties…).

Press L for “Lock to Duration”, or click the “padlock” icon on the left side of the screen.

Press L again to cancel the lock.

Oh, thanks Rob, so simple! Great.