How to enter technique text?

Probably a dumb question, but how do I enter “solo” above a staff to indicate that that instrument now has a solo line? (so as to indicate: don’t mess this up, you will be heard)


I’m a relative beginner with Dorico, so others may have more specific solutions I don’t know about, but I use the Text notation function to create any text not available through other means.

Select the note above which the text should appear, select the Text tool by clicking the Keyboard icon at the right side of Write mode and the T in the resulting menu list, or Shift-X shortcut, select the font you want to use (I use the instrument change font for most things, which is small enough for my taste), and type in the text. Escape to exit the text function. Then I usually go to Engrave to position is properly since Dorico usually puts it too far away from the note.

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I created solo as a Playing Technique. At the moment I associate it with a Playback Technique I created called “Do Nothing” that I use for PT without any sonic effect (at present).


You can change the default minimum gap between text items and the staff in Library > Engraving Options > Text.

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Thanks for the feedback, Mark, Derrek and Lillie!

Got this feedback from Michael Ducharme. Michael is a volunteer for the Academy of Scoring Arts, as am I. We are working on transcribing Stravinsky’s Firebird. The ASA has adopted the ASA as its official engraving program, so Sibelius Sinners like me have to learn their way and get with the program. :wink:

“The way Dorico handles techniques is closer to the way Finale handles techniques. In Finale you can’t just free type, you add techniques to the techniques list with the text you want and choose them later with either the mouse or a hotkey to add to the score. I always make things like “solo” playing techniques personally, not shift-X text, for formatting reasons. The problem with doing it using shift X text is if you have something like “arco” and “con sord.” and “solo” together. If all three are playing techniques they stack and arrange really nicely. If solo is shift x text then it’s going to arrange really weird with the arco and con sord.”