How to enter text appearing on all staves, but not affecting playback tempo?

I am orchestrating a soundtrack with a video attached. I need to enter some text so the players know which character the music should have on certain passages. How do I insert this type of text. How is this type of text called in dorico? It’s crucial that the timing/tempo of the music playback is not affected by the text input. But I have to notate slight tempo changes like “poco sostenuto” in the score that are already included in the midifile I imported. Any advice welcome …

If you need your text to appear on all instruments (as would a tempo marking, for instance), you should use system text (alt-shift-X). You can define paragraph styles that you can use in these system text instances, you can mimic tempo markings, but these won’t trigger anything. Only tempo markings do (shift-T). And also note that you can tweak tempo markings so that they do not do anything. For instance, if you initial tempo is quarter=80 and you put a poco sostenuto marking, with a quarter=80 value (not shown), playback will remain exactly the same.
Hope it helps!

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o.k. that could be the solution.