How to EQ multiple tracks? Freq Analyzer?

Hi guys,

Say I have 3 tracks playing. How can I get a readout of all tracks frequencies so I can make EQ decisions? I wish there was one screen where it can show me all tracks and the frequencies(and db) levels of each one individually, but shown how they line up together. That way, I can make EQ decisions.

Mr D

I think you might be able to do it with the Voxengo plug-ins so you might be able to do it with Curve EQ - certainly Gliss EQ on the voxengo website says you can.

Whichever EQ you use; don’t forget to use your ears.

I’d suggest sending all the tracks to a Group Channel and then placing the spectrum analyzer or EQ of choice on that track’s insert chain, or start with the Channel Strip EQ, which I find works very well and gives a good spectrum display.

I do this regularly on my group busses (drums, guitars, vocals, etc.) and it provides a valuable additional level of control over your mix.

However, I think the OP was asking about a way to visualize each track’s spectrum individually on one plot. For this I use Blue Cat’s FreqAnalyst Multi.

You can do this with iZotope Insight, by using the ‘meter tap’ feature. Place multiple meter taps on whichever channels you are interested in and then they can all be displayed simultaneously in the Insight analysis windows.

Very cool software suggestions above, thanks. I’ll take a look at the various products mentioned.

There’s a few plugins worth looking at, Melda Multi anylyser, Hofa IQ Multi analyser as we as Bluecat’s original. The Hofa one is the better as you can click and transfer the peaks the Hofa I-EQ which is a really good feature and works well. Try out a few free trials, the Melda M analyser analyser can be picked up quite cheaply on their weekly eternal discount sales and is probably the easiest to use. With all of them though, you just simply drop a copy into the inserts of the tracks of interest and they automatically speak to each other, pretty cool, especially in densely layered synth tracks.