How to erase breaks?

I have a piano bar with two very simple voices (right and left hand). The notes are already well placed throughout the hands, but I find loads of breaks in the bar! How can I get rid of those breaks? Screenshot attached.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 12.25.18

Those rests are indicating that you’ve got multiple voices active in the bar – you could start by showing voice colours, then consolidating notes into fewer voices if possible.

If you’re still relatively new to Dorico, one little nuance that you might not have picked up yet is that during note input, there are 2 commands relating to voices:

  • Shift-V – this adds a whole new voice
  • V – this cycles the caret through existing voices on the staff

Once you have set up two voices on a staff (e.g. 1 up-stem voice, 1 down-stem voice), you can just use V to switch between them. If you press Shift-V every time, you create a new voice per press.

Hi Lillie,

I can’t find “consolidating…”. I found the attached. But on my Dorico 5, I don’t have “Reduce” under “Paste and Special” or anywhere else. Should I upgrade my version? It’s quite new though.

The attached is what I see when going to Edit and Past Special.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 12.46.32

I attached my current situation. I must move the two blue notes with the purple ones, and cancel the 3 rests on top, and the purple rest at the bottom.
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 12.52.09

Do you mean “rests” (pause in Italian) instead of “breaks”?
If so, select the ones you want removed, then go to Edit > Remove Rests.
I do not use Dorico in Italian but I believe it should be Modifica > Rimuovi Pause.

Hello, mine is in English. I don’t just want to remove all rests. I need to remove the not needed ones. I need to reduce the voice number, but I can’t find the way to do so.

Ciao @stefanomatteucci
Select the Green notes. Click V until the rests disappears (and the notes will be blue).

Select the violet notes. Press V till the rest in left hand disappear (and all the notes are blue at the end).

(If you share the project it will be easier to tell what to do based on context)

Hi Christian,

how can I share the project? I did what you said but I find myself in the situation showed in the attached screenshot. The notes C and E must move to the left hand. I tried by changing their voice but it won’t work, as I find the rests appearing again!
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 13.18.16

To share it you can attach it to a new reply: in the post editor you find an arrow on the toolbar that let you upload a file.

You need to MOVE (Alt-M) the chord to the lower staff. Currently it is showing as cross-staff chord, which exists on the top staff, but is displayed on the lower staff.

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Done thanks. But how can I remember Alt-M next time? What’s the name and location of this action?

The shortcuts N/M create cross-staff notes and their counterparts Alt-N/Alt-N move notes between staffs. N goes up and M goes down.

To remember them, someone once suggested N= North (ie UP) and the v in the M points DOWN.

(The key commands for Duplicate… are my own, but using N and M is consistent with Move to… and Cross Staff to….!)


The answer was on the page I embedded across the corresponding phrase in my reply: instructions for how to change the voice of notes.

Explode and Reduce are not available in Elements, I believe, only Dorico Pro. You probably also need to have music copied to the clipboard in order to see them in the menu.

Hopefully all of this will become simpler once you get more familiar with handling voices in Dorico :slight_smile: