How to execute a macro in Project Logical Editor BEFORE/AFTER logic command?

I have a macro which shows all tracks. And I have preset of PLE which hides all tracks except drum tracks (or guitar tracks or whatever). I want to execute the macro first and then apply PLE action. Is it possible?

Or, may be, it’s possible to combine two/three/four PLE presets in one?

What I want to achieve: I want to hide everything except a certain group of instruments by one click and unhide back after the second click (that is “toggle” visibility). At the moment if I execute “show only drums”, then everything becomes invisible except drums. But now if I execute “show only guitars” - drums will be invisible, but other tracks will become visible because every my preset does “toggle” visibility of other tracks.
So the other way to do the same logic is:

  1. Hide All; Unhide a certain group
  2. Show All; Hide everything except a certain group.

I want the second))

Maybe there is a better solution?

Yes, you can chain PLE presets.

Note that Cubase Pro 12 has been improved in this area.

Does it mean that I can’t anything to do with it in Cubase 11?

You would use a combination of PLE preset key commands and/or macros to do that.

That is the problem)) I don’t quite understand how to do that. How to click somewhere (or execute some command) and the command would execute some other commands one by one.
Can you tell me, please, how do I do that?

If you open the Key Commands dialog, you can observe that all the PLE presets are available to bind to a keystroke.

Also, in the macros section below, you can create a sequence of commands, which can indlude PLE presets.

So once you familiarize yourself with the key commands interface you can mix and match commands to do what you need.

You 'll need to do some trial and error experimentation to get what you want. One thing to note is that there is no pause or wait function, so the commands a fired as fast as possible.

The difference I referred to in Cubase Pro 12 is that you can add other key commands to the PLE preset itself.

Post back once you have more questions. There are several forum members who might help.

I didn’t know I can build a macro from PLE presets. That’s why I tried opposite - to execute a macro in PLE. Now it’s completely solves my problem. I’m really grateful to you. Thank you.

You can put as many as you want in a macro, but be careful because the order is important
Example but in french: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and Cubase 12 makes it possible to process PLEs much faster and to add macros before and/or after the PLE command